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Karianne is a certified Yoga teacher.

She completed her 200hr teacher training course in New York City, at Three Sisters Yoga – a registered Yoga school (RYS) in 2013.

Karianne has continued her training under the guidance of her teachers Elle Daniel, Zara Rush, Caroline Tautz, Jennifer Raye + many others.

In 2020 she completed her Chakra Immersion Programme by Zara Rush, and she is currently studying Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Infant Mental Health.

When Karianne started to practice Yoga she was mainly seeking to improve her physicality, get a more flexible body, and to get a deeper understanding of her body’s anatomy. But she found so much more than that on her journey through the practice. Along with the higher awareness of the body, mind and breath, she got in touch with her inner strength and calmness. She found the importance of acknowledging the moment, and to approach the balance and harmony that the body and mind desire.

As a dancer, Karianne's classes are often dynamic and fluid. She incorporates asana (physical postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques) into her style of teaching alongside mudras and yoga philosophy / principles. Expect to experience more than just physical postures. While Karianne aims to make each class suitable for individual levels, from beginners to more advanced practitioners, she encourages complete beginners to attend her beginners classes a few times before moving on to a more advanced practice.

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My regular

yoga classes


Vinyasa Flow @ MoreYoga Woolwich


Vinyasa is a style of yoga using a string of varied postures together. Moving from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. Some also refer to it as a "Flow" class. As a philosophy, Vinyasa recognises the temporary nature and flow of things. We enter into a posture, stay for a while and then leave onto the next. The term Vinyasa derives from nyasa, meaning “to place,” and vi, meaning “in a special (or sacred) way.” We are not “throwing our bodies around”, we are bringing consciousness to each movement in each moment. Come as you are, and flow through my structured sequence in your very own magical way! I often incorporate pranayama (breath-work), mudras, mantas and yoga philosophy into my classes.

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Candlelit Flow @ MoreYoga Woolwich


Switch off from the bright lights. Time to journey inwards, and create space for self care. The soft glow of candlelights engages the parasympathetic nervous system, activating the rest and digest / relaxation response. Candlelit Flow is similar to a Vinyasa Flow in that we are linking movement with breath in fluid sequences. However, we move slower than in the usual Vinyasa Flow class, and there is a stronger emphasis on becoming fully aware, savouring each moment and pose, and exploring the quiet stillness in and between your postures. This class is great for beginners, and equally for more experienced yogis looking to slow down without the speed and agility sometimes demanded by a Vinyasa Flow. Class will often end with a meditation practice ✨

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Lunch time Vinyasa Flow @ East Greenwich


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Lunchtime Vinyasa Flow @ MoreYoga Woolwich


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1on1 Yoga - at your preferred location

Working around your schedule

Let's tailor a personal experience to YOU and work with your own body's abilities. You'll have my full attention to yourself in a 1on1 class. Perhaps you are new to Yoga and find group classes a bit overwhelming to begin with? I will guide you through a safe practice, starting with the basic foundations that are so essential to understand before stretching your personal practice. Or maybe you're an already experienced Yogi? Let's dive deeper into your practice based on your objectives and aspirations. Either way - I'm here to guide you through an enjoyable, fun and relaxing experience! My aspiration will be for you to find confidence in your own body. Prices are from £60 - Please get in touch for a quote. The class can be held at your preferred location or online. (Be mindful that hiring a space will come with an additional charge).

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Such a great start to the day

The 7am class with Karianne is such a great start to the day. I'm so happy this class has been added to the schedule.


Karianne is a natural teacher

Karianne is a natural teacher, her practices combine visual metaphors to help relax the mind alongside the breath work. She sets a purpose to her classes to support the strong flow. I always feel refreshed and energised after her classes. Her classes are my highlight to my week and strongly recommended!


Couldn't have asked for a better yoga instructor

Couldn't have asked for a better yoga instructor... Each class is a joy!!


This was just what I needed

After having a long break from yoga, moving to London from Yorkshire, starting a new fast pace job... this was just what I needed! Karianne was so friendly and the class had the right balance of ease and challenge.


I love practicing with Karianne

I love practicing with Karianne. She makes me feel relaxed and confident in myself and what my body can achieve. She always allow room for modifications.

- Monica Sik Holm

Beautifully sequenced class

Beautifully sequenced class inspiring compassion for self, and with reference for yogic philosophy. Thank you for such a warm welcome and soothing experience.

- Cole

A great way to start the day

Karianne's morning Yoga was a great way to start the day. Having the class outside was fabulous and I look forward to attending some of her autumn/winter classes inside. Karianne has a very calming presence to be around and her smiley demeanour brings you straight into a more positive space. Practice is well-guided and the suggested focus at the start of each session really helps you hone in on the present moment, as well as encouraging the rest of the day to be full of intention and awareness. I highly recommend these Yoga classes to all abilities! :)

- Emma Barber

Highly recommended

I've been attending Karianne’s outdoors yoga classes for a couple of months now. One word - AMAZING. If you want to step away from everything for an hour or so - sign up for one of her classes now! Highly recommend! As an instructor, Karianne has an ability to create an inclusive and relaxing environment and is one of those people that you can talk to with ease and continuity! Thank you, Karianne!

- Ema Budzeikaite
A little bit about

my services

Online Yoga

Take your practice online. Great for people with a hectic day. Maybe you are too busy to travel to the studio? Maybe you don't feel comfortable practicing amongst other yoga students? Please contact me for more info, or for a quote.

Private Yoga & group classes

I offer private Yoga sessions, at a rented studio, on Zoom, or in the privacy of your home. This can be done 1 on 1, or with a group of friends & family.

Workshops / Corporate Yoga

Yoga is a great incentive to offer your staff to improve the workplace environment and create healthy working habits. My classes are designed to help reduce stress, improve posture and enhance productivity. I firmly believe that by releasing tension in the body and mind, you will work more efficiently and nurture your inner creativity. I can come to your office in the London area, and work around a schedule that suits you. No prior Yoga experience is required. I will also leave you with simple stretches that takes minutes to carry out between work sessions. Become healthier, happier and more connected!

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